COVID-19 Home Isolation Programme

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What is COVID-19 Home Isolation Program ?

Coronaviruses refer to viruses that usually range from the common cold to SARs (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus). Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 refers to an infectious disease caused by respiratory syndrome named coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). This disease was reported in Wuhan, China, for the first time.

How Can We Help ?

Assessment On Call

Our experts will regularly access your symptoms and recovery process through video or audio calls to monitor all your medical needs.

Daily Monitoring by COVID Health Counsellor

Our COVID health counselor will closely monitor the severity of symptoms so that you can get access to all types of critical care as and when required.

Doctor Consultation

Our doctors will monitor you daily to keep track of vital signs, such as pulse, respiratory rate, temperature, and oxygen saturation levels.

Dietitian Consultation

A dietician will help you decide the best food items to consume and reduce the effects of COVID-19 on the body.

Physiotherapist Consultation

The physiotherapist will do daily assessments along with virtual rehab sessions. The physiotherapist will also conduct breathing exercises.

Patient Education

The team will work with your family and you to educate them about the do's and don'ts and guide them about the process of cleaning, sanitizing, waste disposal, etc.

Personalized Exercise & Diet Plan

A personalized nutrition plan and exercise schedule will be provided to you depending on the analysis of the disease made by our doctors.

Live Exercise Classes

Live exercise classes will be planned to boost your immunity and reduce the effects of COVID-19 on your lungs and other body parts.

One on One Chat With Experts

You are just one call away from getting all the required consultation for your recovery process. You can chat with our medical experts at any time and clear all your queries.

Regular Follow-up

With the help of daily follow-ups and assessment of COVID-19 symptoms, our doctors will make sure that you recover from COVID-19 as soon as possible.

How does Coronavirus spread?

The virus usually spreads when one person comes in contact with another person. When any COVID-19 infected person sneezes or coughs, the respiratory droplets from that person enter the noses or mouths of other people who are in close contact with him or her.

There are also chances that a person can get infected with COVID-19 if he/she touches a surface or object that contains the virus on it. If the person touches his or her nose, mouth or eyes after touching such a surface, there are high chances of getting infected with COVID-19.

How does Coronavirus spread?

COVID-19 symptoms range from critical illness and also include life-threatening consequences.

Other symptoms can also appear after 2 to 14 days:

Older people and those who already suffer from other medical problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and chronic respiratory disease can develop severe illnesses. The best way to minimize the effect of COVID-19 is to keep track of the daily severity of symptoms by an expert.

Benefits of COVID- 19 Home Isolation Program at Vrriksha

The benefits of the diabetic control program offered at Vrriksha are-

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