Functional Fitness Exercise Programme

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What is Functional Fitness Exercise Program ?

Functional fitness activities include training your muscles to work together and replicating movements that you might come across at home, in sports and at the workplace too. Functional fitness is something that can be practiced by anyone and is rooted in every one of us. Moving your muscles and allowing them to do day-to-day tasks helps your body perform exceptionally in stressful situations. When working with multiple muscles in the lower and upper body simultaneously, these fitness exercises also concentrate on core stability.

How Do We Help ?

Physiotherapist Consultation

We provide you with an experienced physiotherapist who will take charge of you to guide you. A physiotherapist will help you develop movement and strength steadily so that it benefits you in the future.

Personalized Exercise Plan

Our physiotherapist will first learn about your needs and goals. Then, you will be provided with a unique exercise plan that will help you complete your goals easily and perfectly.

Live Exercise Classes

At our place, we are keen to be on the digital trend. Therefore, we have introduced live exercise classes. Our experts will conduct live exercise sessions in a group of 3 to 5 people.

One-to-One Chat With Experts

We have also introduced video consultation services. The assigned doctor will ask you some basic questions, which will help him/her determine your body’s current situation and make your personalized plan accordingly.

Regular Follow-up

Our experts believe in consistent growth and development. Hence, they conduct regular follow-ups to understand your ongoing recovery process.

Why do you need Functional Fitness?

Functional fitness has effects on health, athletics and everyday life. We have mentioned here some of the vital points that are helpful to know why concentrating on functional fitness is a necessity.

Examples of Functional Fitness Exercises

Here are some of the examples of specific functional fitness that include movements of various joints and muscles:

Benefits of Functional Exercise Program at Vrriksha

The advantages of the functional exercise program offered at Vrriksha are as follows-

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