Hypertension Management Programme

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What is Hypertension?

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the major causes of the growing number of heart diseases worldwide. Hypertension is a common health condition under which the long term force of your blood against the walls of your artery is high enough to cause various health problems. These health problems may include:

Some common causes of hypertension are:

Some common symptoms of hypertension are:

How Do We Help?

Doctor Consultation

You can talk to a doctor through online platforms regarding your health-related queries and get their expert advice. You can also avail video consultation from our certified doctors from the comfort of your home.

Dietician Consultation

A dietician will help you to develop a DASH diet for your speedy recovery.

Physiotherapist Consultation

A physiotherapist will encourage you to follow an exercise plan and keep reports of your daily progress.

Live Exercise Classes

You can take advantage of our hypertension management programme and enjoy a daily session of live exercises.

Regular Follow up

You can avail of high-quality treatment and a trustworthy opinion through regular follow-ups conducted by our highly qualified doctors.

Personalized Exercise & Diet Plan

An exercise and diet plan will help you adopt a healthy lifestyle and contribute to your better treatment. Our Physiotherapist and Dietician will assess your medical conditions and prepare a personalized exercise and diet plan to control your Hypertension and get rid of Long-term Medication.

One on one chat with experts

You can contact our experts to any consultation and recommendation needed for faster recovery.

What is a DASH diet?

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, most commonly known as the DASH diet, is a perfect choice for people who want to reduce and treat hypertension. A DASH diet focuses on vegetables, fruits, and grains. This diet was created when scientists and researchers noticed that high blood pressure was less common in people who ate a plant-based diet. Apart from reducing blood pressure problems, a DASH diet also helps in reducing weight and cancer risk.

How can you manage Hypertension?

Proper consultation from doctors and a few precautionary steps can help you treat your high blood pressure problems. The management of hypertension include the following:

Weight reduction

According to a research, losing weight can significantly lower down your systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. If you lose around 20 pounds of weight, you can bring down your systolic pressure byaround 5-20 points.

Dietary salt reduction

A decrease in sodium in your diet can help you to regulate your hypertension problems.

Moderation of alcohol consumption

Drinking a large amount of alcohol can cause a rise in your blood pressure levels. It can also reduce the effectiveness of various blood pressure medications.

Physical Activity

Some types of aerobic exercise like walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or dancing can help you to lower blood pressure levels.

Reduce Your Stress

Chronic stress can also give rise to high blood pressure. Try to eliminate your stress as much as possible to get rid of hypertension.

Food can also have a direct impact on your blood pressure. By following the DASH diet, a blood pressure-friendly diet, you can reduce your high BP.

Benefits of the Hypertension Management Program at Vrriksha

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