Knee and Back Pain Solution Programme

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What is Knee Pain ?

Knee pain usually originates from several areas of the joint. These areas are:

There are many reasons for knee pain. One of them could be an acute injury. Dislocation, sprains, ligament tears, breaks are some common causes of knee pain. Knee Pain can also erupt due to overuse, resulting in irritation of tissue, inflammation, tears in tendons, osteoarthritis, or weight gain. Other conditions like nerve damage or skin infections can also cause knee pain. Lower back pain and upper back pain are the two common forms of back pain.

Knee & Back Pain Prevention Programme

Lower Back Pain

 It is one of the most common forms of back pain suffered by people. The lower back refers to the area present just below the ribcage. It is also known as the lumbar region. The lower back region supports a large amount of weight of our upper body.

Several reasons contribute to lower back pain. Ligament strains and muscle sprains are some commonly seen causes of pain. Other causes of lower back pain include:

Some other factors contributing to lower back pain include pregnancy, fitness level, weight gain, age, or mental health.

Upper Back Pain 

The upper back is also referred to as the twelve vertebrae. People usually experience upper back pain between the ribcage and the neck region. Some common causes of upper back pain are fracture, overuse, injury, poor posture, osteoarthritis.  

How Do We Help ?

Doctor Consultation

An experienced team of doctors will go through the details of the severity of your pain and provide you a complete list of medicines and precautions to be needed.

Physiotherapist Consultation

You will get in touch with an experienced physiotherapist who will guide you to develop strength and movement and prevent further knee and back problems in future.

Personalized Exercise Plan

A physiotherapist will go through the details of your knee and back pain causes and devise a personalized exercise plan for your speedy recovery.

Live Exercise Classes

You will get access to live exercise sessions conducted by our experts in a group of 3 to 5 people.

One on One Chat With Experts

During a video consultation with your doctor, you will be asked a series of questions to determine the symptoms of your knee or back pain. Then your doctor will let you know the best treatment plan for you.

Regular Follow-up

Regular follow-ups will be conducted by our professional to keep track of your recovery process.

How can it be managed?

After an assessment, the doctor will analyze the risks and benefits of several treatments. Treatment plans for knee pain will depend on the severity of the pain. Some options of treating knee pain include:

Treatment options for back pain depend on the severity of the pain and analysis made by the doctor. Some of them include:

Benefits of Knee and Back Pain Solution Program at Vrriksha

The benefits of the knee and back pain solution program offered at Vrriksha are-

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