Old Age Care Programme

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What is Old Age Care?

Eldercare is also known as senior care. It refers to the special care designed for senior citizens to fulfill their daily requirements and needs. Usually, old-age care is carried out by family members. Eldercare includes various services like nursing care, assisted living, adult daycare and home care. But nowadays, there are chances that family members may be working away from home and cannot give proper attention to the older members of their family, and therefore they need reliable and efficient old age care programs.

How Can We Help ?

Doctor Consultation

A 24X7 dedicated doctor will be there to coordinate and take care of any health needs of the patient.

Dietician Consultation

: A dietician will plan an exclusive diet plan for older people according to their specific health conditions and needs.

Physiotherapist Consultation

A physiotherapist will evaluate all the health conditions and plan an exercise schedule and other physiotherapy sessions accordingly.

Personalized Exercise & Diet Plan

Depending on the needs of the patient and based on the doctor recommendations, we will provide a personalized diet and exercise plan for each patient

Live Exercise Classes

Our experts will conduct live exercise sessions to keep the older adults active and engaged.

One on One Chat With Experts

In case of any query or doubt, you can call our experts and coordinate with them for any support needed.

Regular Follow-up

Our doctors conduct periodic follow-ups to check the patient's recovery progress.

How can it be managed?

Old age care becomes essential when older adults start facing problems with their daily tasks like cleaning, bathing, taking medicines, cooking, etc. Old age care also becomes important in case of a disability or injury. Once you have selected an appropriate old age care program, there are some things that you should keep a note of for an effective and smooth process of elder care at the comfort of your home:

Benefits of Old-Age Care Program at Vrriksha

The benefits of the diabetic control program offered at Vrriksha are-

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