The Plan to start this venture began while I was still pursuing my bachelor’s degree, studying and observing the healthcare system…

The Plan to start this venture began while I was still pursuing my Bachelor’s degree, studying and observing the healthcare system. In all these years, I have realized that even though we have number of hospitals & clinics around us, they seem to have repeatedly failed in fulfilling the health needs of all individuals.

People living in urban areas vastly depend on western medicines and expensive surgeries when the remedy of their pain lies in simple exercises and body movements.  This scenario is even more pathetic in rural areas where people are still unaware about physiotherapy, exercises and their health benefits. Thus this organization is primarily established to spread awareness about exercise benefits and to make physiotherapy service accessible and affordable to every person in every nook and corner of this country.

When I came up with the idea of VRRIKSHA ( It is a hindi word व्रृक्षा, which means plant or tree; a natural healer of environment), it was my sister Dr. Neetu Gupta & my friend Dr Santosh Kumar Sah who came together and joined hands to turn “Vrriksha” into a reality from a mere dream. 

Since then we have organized “FREE PHYSIOTHERAPY CAMPS” not only to treat people through exercise but also to make them understand the importance of exercise in their lives. Along with providing healthcare service in our clinic “THE PHYSIOTHERAPY EXERCISE CLINIC”, we have also started “PHYSIOTHERAPY HOMECARE PROGRAMME” to reach the doorstep of people who are unable to reach us and provide them quality care they deserve.

Now during this unprecedented time of Covid-19 Pandemic, we have launched “VRRIKSHA HEALTH ONLINE” platform, so that people need not worry about visiting doctors and hospitals and can easily access quality health services staying in their own living rooms. We have also launched “ONLINE EXERCISE FITNESS PROGRAMME’S ” for individuals who have no immediate health complaints but want to stay fit and perform exercises under the supervision of expert Physiotherapists. 

VRRIKSHA was started as a single man’s dream but today we have a team, and now we request you all to join us in this journey of wellness and contribute towards a healthier and better society.