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Movement is one of the most important factors that help us to determine the growth of an individual. Right after birth, movement helps in determining the development of a child. Without movement, we would feel hampered. Every activity such as eating, thinking, drinking, dancing involves movement. Physiotherapy helped us make sure that we follow the right movement to lead a happy and healthy life. A physiotherapy Exercise clinic is one of the best ways to achieve this.

What is Physiotherapy Exercise?

Physiotherapy exercises involve using the right set of body movement for the corresponding body parts. It includes stretching various body parts in the form of regular exercise.

How Can We Help ?

Musculoskeletal Movement Screening & Pain Management

Our physiotherapy exercise clinic will help you to reduce your chronic pains by mobilizing the joint tissues. It will also help these tissues to restore their muscle functions. Exercises are conducted with the appropriate postures that reduce these pains and also prevent them from returning.

Orthopedic & Sports Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists will examine your body to analyze its weaknesses and then effectively plan to convert these weaknesses into your strengths. By an effective exercise schedule, we will bring back strength to these affected areas.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

You can affect your mobility after an injury or surgery. Physiotherapy exercises will help you restore your mobility and also reduce the effects of medication on your body.

Neurological & Elderly Rehabilitation

We all know that old age brings many mobilities and health-related ailments with it. It starts with a gradual loss of power and strength in the body. Physiotherapy exercises will help you keep your body younger and fit.

Women’s Health Rehabilitation

We consider every aspect of female physiology and aim to create a course of treatment to help women strengthen their muscles and improve musculoskeletal functions.

Ergonomic Screening & Advice

Physiotherapy exercise allows you to get in touch with a scientifically designed personalized exercise plan that helps to bring the best outcome from your body and its regular movements.

Diabetes & Hypertension Rehabilitation

Diseases like hypertension and diabetes can also be controlled with the right set of exercise and physiotherapy sessions.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy exercises also involve a consultation session with a physiotherapist. Our physiotherapists will examine your physical health needs and help you diagnose the trouble areas and fight cancer.

How is it managed?

Physiotherapy exercise clinic aims to help people from all around the world according to their situations and goals.

Benefits of Physiotherapy Exercise Clinic at Vrriksha

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