Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation Programme

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What is Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation Programme ?

Lungs are the main body part that gets affected when a person is infected with COVID-19. Post-Covid, pulmonary complications are one of the leading causes of morbidity. It has been noticed that many people who get infected from coronavirus have developed restrictive lung abnormalities, pulmonary fibrosis, along impaired exercise tolerance. They have also experienced difficulty in daily activities like lower body dressing, climbing stairs, walking, bathing, etc.

COVID-19 can also lead to mortality due to the development of infections in fibrosed lungs. Along with medical treatment and management, rehabilitation plays an essential role in the recovery of patients who are suffering and those who have recovered from COVID-19.

How Do We Help ?

Doctor Consultation

You will undergo regular screening with our doctors and other experts, who will access your recovery process through audio or video calls to monitor all your health needs.

Dietician Consultation

An experienced dietician will prepare a personalized diet plan by accessing the severity of the infection and reduce the effects of COVID-19 and its medication from the body.

Physiotherapist Consultation

A multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists will help you to undergo various clinical assessments and create a personal exercise schedule for better recovery by conducting regular breathing exercises.

Personalized Exercise & Diet Plan

A personalized exercise and diet schedule will be made by our experts by analyzing your health status.

Live Exercise Classes

Live exercise classes, including breathing and relaxation exercises and other general exercises, will be conducted to improve your immunity and reduce the damage that COVID-19 has caused to your lungs.

One on One Chat With Experts

In case of any query or confusion, you can call our doctors at any time and gain guidance from them for your recovery process.

Regular Follow-up

With the help of daily consultation, counselling and follow-ups, our doctors will help you to regain your activeness and immunity as soon as possible.

Why does a person need rehabilitation post COVID?

Rehabilitation is essential for people who are recovering or have recovered from COVID-19 infection. Depending on the severity of the infection, you can experience cough, muscle weakness, difficulty performing daily tasks, shortness of breath, reduced balance, difficulty in focusing, decreased energy levels & activity tolerance, difficulty swallowing, etc.

Benefits of Rehabilitation include:

Benefits of Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation Programme at Vrriksha

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