Thyroid Care Programme

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What is Thyroid care ?

The thyroid gland is a small organ in our body located on the front side of our neck and wrapped around the windpipe. The shape of a thyroid gland is similar to a butterfly, i.e., smaller in the middle and two wings present on the side of our throat. The thyroid gland makes hormones that are important for the proper functioning of our body. When the thyroid gland does not function properly, it impacts the whole body. Large production of thyroid hormone can give rise to a condition called hyperthyroidism. Less production of thyroid hormone can lead to a condition of hypothyroidism.

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism can include:

Symptoms of hypothyroidism can include:

How Can We Help ?

Doctor Consultation

Our doctors have deep expertise in treating thyroid problems and providing personalized care and consultation.

Dietician Consultation

A dietician will provide you a personalized diet plan according to your nutrition needs.

Physiotherapist Consultation

The team of our board-certified physiotherapists will provide you round-the-clock care and tips.

One on One Chat with Experts

You can get in touch with our experts through an audio or video call and ask your queries at any time.

Personalized Exercise & Diet Plan

We know that the thyroid gland is nutrition dependent, and hence we will plan a proper diet and exercise plan for your speedy recovery.

Regular follow up

Our doctors will regularly conduct follow-ups to keep track of your progress.

Live Exercise Classes

Our physiotherapists will conduct live exercise sessions in groups of 3 to 5 people.

How can it be managed?

The major goal of a healthcare provider is to bring back the level of thyroid hormone to normal. This is done in many ways depending on the thyroid disease condition.

  • Ant thyroid drugs: These medications will stop your thyroid gland from making large amounts of hormones.
  • RAI or Radioactive iodine: This treatment includes damaging thyroid gland cells to prevent them from producing a high amount of hormones.
  • Beta-blockers:This kind of medication helps to control your thyroid disease symptoms.
  • Surgery: It is a permanent way to treat your thyroid. A surgery will stop it from producing hormones.

Medication for Thyroid replacement: This drug is a way of adding thyroid hormones inside your body. 

Certain foods can also help you to aid your thyroid function. So if you are facing hypothyroidism, add the below-given food items to your diet.

  1. Roasted seaweed: Nori, kelp, and wakame contain large amounts of iodine, a crucial element that helps in proper thyroid function. 
  2. Salted nuts: Macadamia nuts and Brazil nuts are rich in selenium. Selenium helps in healthy thyroid function. 
  3. Baked fish: Fish is rich in selenium, which helps to decrease inflammation. 
  4. Dairy: Dairy products like yogurt, ice cream, and milk contain a lot of iodine. 
  5. Fresh eggs: Eggs also contain a large amount of both iodine and selenium.

Benefits of the Thyroid Management program at Vrriksha

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